Are your TEENS on Facebook? They may be STRESSED!

Facebook Teens

People with lots of social network connections look busy and popular from afar, but new research from the University of Montreal shows that teenagers who have many friends on Facebook may experience higher levels of stress than those who are connected to a smaller group.

Prof. Sonia Lupien, PhD, and her team found that although the stress hormone cortisol decreased for teens who engaged in “liking” friends’ posts and sharing supportive messages, it increased for teens who have more than 300 friends.

The findings, published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, involved 88 kids ages 12-17, who discussed their Facebook friend numbers, how often they used the site, frequency of self-promoting posts, and frequency of friend-supporting actions. That information was considered along with cortisol samples from the subjects, taken four times a day for three days. “While other important external factors are also responsible, we estimated that the isolated effect of Facebook on cortisol was around 8 percent,” Lupien said in a statement. “We were able to show that beyond 300 Facebook friends, adolescents showed higher cortisol levels; we can therefore imagine that those who have 1,000 or 2,000 friends on Facebook may be subjected to even greater stress.”

Source: Yahoo Parenting

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